A5 Plans


Thanks for looking at the plans. These have taken a while to develop, and some are in a state of flux, so be sure to check back occasionally to see any updates. There are several more than are shown here being developed, so you should find new ones if you keep in touch and come to see us every so often. See the file below for the basic build tips, follow these and you will have a flyable foamie in no time.


My control systems are the Plantraco Rx/Tx systems from Micron Radio Control, with micro servos and actuators, but if you plan to scale the designs up you can use pretty much any small scale Rx/Servo setup. Hobby King also has the micro linear servos for the larger builds. I am interested in all and any new light RC systems, so let me know about your ideas so that I can include them here.


These files are currently being updated to have a new naming convention, getting rid of the rather odd template based naming. The new format is this:


Type Code: A=Acrobat, B=Biplane, C=Canard, D=Delta, DR=Drone, G=Glider, J=Jet, L=Learner, M=Microlight, R=Racer, S=Stealth, T=Twintail, V=V-tail, W=Wing, X=Experimental shape.


(These are generic types, based on the general planform and overall look of the design, and some may 'cross over' somewhat.)


Template Code: 3=A3, 4=A4, 5=A5, X=Extended.


Design number: 1,2,3... etc.


Example: A5-1 -  Acrobat, A5, Design #1

              J3-4 - Jet, A3, Design #4


I hope these will eventually make for an easier identification, and allow for new codings when needed.


Thanks for coming to my site. For now, FLY AND ENJOY!













           30 & 40             2 DEGREE           3 DEGREE           4 DEGREE       







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