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Thanks for coming to my low waste plans repository. All of them are in PDF format, most with build pictures to show how they go together, but best of all they are easy to build and fun! Even if you are new to RC and foam building, the designs will give you a very quick build of a super light aircraft!


First of all, the designs are shown as free flight 'chuckers' (un-motorised), for neutral flight testing indoors, so bear in mind that you will need to add controls as you see fit. You will get hours of fun with them though, and they are ideal for introducing the novice builder to the fun of building and flying. I'm in the process of working out the positions and fitting of motors and control equipment, though given the sheer number of designs (well over 200 at the last count, not all shown here) this will be a long process. If anyone has any ideas on this, please give me some feedback.


Take a look at the plans and let me know what you think. All contributions/discussions are very welcome, but if there's something you don't like or understand, let me know. They are intended to be a fun and easy way to get an aircraft flying, not for the 'serious' modeller, although anyone who likes to fly should get something out of them. Over time there should be enough different  models that everyone can find something they'd like to try.

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For now, thanks for coming, I hope you will enjoy the offerings here.


Mark Bright


New stuff


 - Welcome to the large number of visitors from Hungary! I hope you find something useful, a new 

   build tips file has been added. Enjoy!


 - Apologies, there are some editing issues with the site, please bear with me while they are ironed out.


 - Blog page added, please feel free to comment.


 - The new 100's page and some designs for tiny flyers, based on a 100mm square of your favourite building material. These are designed for 2mm depron, but you could adjust the slots for any material such as balsa, correx or foamboard etc. These have been inspired by Martin Newell's 'Thumbkin' on RC Groups, but there is no similarity to his great little plane (apart from the profile version). Having built a few of these now, I can tell you they are quick to build, lots of fun and will give young and old ones a great thrill at seeing something this small fly like this.


 - There are some new things coming to the site over the next few months, and the first is the ability to translate the pages using the Google Translate function below the menu. This should allow almost anyone to freely see what the site is about and use it in the way it was intended, to get involved and show off anything you create.


 - The intention was always to use this as a learning resource, so I'm working on adding some new pages with info and links about model/full size flight and material/RC kit data. I make no claim to being an expert, but many people out there have posted fantastic amounts of information that any nooby (or seasoned flyer?) might love to come across, like I did.





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